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Hiring a Duct Cleaner can be wrought with perils

Consumers get bombarded with flyers and mailing advertising air duct cleaning on a regular basis. So how does the average consumer choose an air duct cleaner? Choose wrong and you have just deprived yourself of your hard earned money. Money that isn’t easy to come by in these times. Air Duct cleaning has many benefits and if done properly is well worth the money. Sometimes we say that I don’t need the best job, I will only pay for an ok job - that’s better thats’s nothing right? Wrong, in the duct cleaning industry there are only 2 types of jobs, one a good job, and two the type of job where you would have been better off putting your money in a pile and burning it because at least you could day the fire warmed your hands and it was not a total waste.

Take the time to get informed about the company you are hiring. A company with a good reputation for delivering high quality service is what your looking for. Meet with the company and get a proposal. Find out why you should choose this company. How do you find this out? Ask them, why should I choose you? If the best answer they can give you is we have the best (cheapest) price, then keep looking. The cheapest price is never the best value. Quality isn’t hard to find if you take the time and ask some questions. The best question, which applies to anyone you would ever hire is - “Why should I choose you?”
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