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Clean your carpeting in the winter to have a healthy Home

In the winter we are all trapped inside with the windows down. Indoor air and the environment is very important. If the home we are trapped in is not the cleanest we open are self up to potentially getting more bacteria in the home and more things circulating in our environment. Keeping a clean home can help with all of this. So cleaning your carpeting in the winter can help you keep a healthy indoor environment. No problems with dying in the colder months also. Our efficient systems can have us in and out of your home with no mess no fuss - just a clean environment.

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Have you looked at your upholstery lately?

Upholstery needs cleaning too. When was the last time you cleaned it? You sit on it everyday - trust me its dirty. Take your vacuum cleaner and put a white towel over the vacuum and vacuum your furniture then look at the twol. Are you disgusted? You should be. Get your furniture cleaned on an annual basis. its dirty too. Its been getting dirty slowly over time and you haven't noticed it. The furniture is probably several shades darker than when you originally purchased it. It has been collecting dirt slowly over time and now you probably have a whole layer of dirt.

Hiring the right people to clean your furniture is very important because with furniture the wrong cleaner can ruin your furniture. Getting a bad job and wasting money is one thing but having to buy new furniture after a cleaning is another. Dunne Cleaning Specialists has been in the cleaning industry since 1969. We are locally owned and family run. We are proud to say we have been around almost half a century.

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