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Spot removal is important

Spot removal is one of the hardest things we do. It requires training and experience. We have over 45 years of experience at Dunne Cleaning Specialists Inc. We can’t guarantee we can remove all your spots but we will give it our best effort and have the full use of our 45 years of knowledge and time tested modern solutions that give us the best results. All our vans contain a full spotting kit that gives us the best chance of getting your spots out.

We first pre condition your carpeting, then we steam rinse the caressing and we work on your spots as we are rinsing. This is the key to superior results. By working on the spots while we are rinsing we can loosen a spot with the proper spotting agent and then rinse the spot out immediately. The rapid rinsing doesn’t allow a loosened spot to seep into the backing of the carpeting to only resurface as the carpet is drying. The biggest mistake carpet cleaners make is to loosen spots before cleaning. This allows a loosened spot to just sit there for a period of time. This can be 15 minutes, it could be 30 minutes or even hours depending on the scope of the job.

The whole time the unattended spot sits, it can only do one thing - let gravity take its course and travel down the fiber into the backing. Then when a cleaner gets to this area he attempts to rinse it out but he can’t because the dirt and soil from the spot has penetrated through the backing and found a home below the carpet. As the carpet dries the soil is drawn up through the carpet in a wicking process and reappears after the carpet has dried. This is why you loosen spots and then rinse them immediately.

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