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Heats on, is yor air duct system clean or dirty?

Duct cleaning can benefit your heating bill. Heat's on! With your heat on and in theses difficult times everything counts. Dirty systems can mean less efficient systems. Less efficient systems cost more to run. Dirty systems also can cause problems with the sensitive electronic parts on a furnace. Cleaners system,s have less dust to run through the sedative electronic components on your furnace.

Clean efficient systems last longer that dirty inefficient systems. Longer furnace longevity can save you some money. Avoiding costly service calls can also be helpful. Cleaning your air ducts doesn't guarantee a lower bill or greater furnace longevity but it certainly does't hurt.

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Where there is a will there is a way

Sometimes in life we have to do the impossible. Elections are tricky things and they mean many things to many people. But after the smoke of an election clears we all have to get back to work and do the best that we can. Whether my guy won or someone else's guy won doesn't get me a day off. So we must soldier on and again do our best.

I clean carpeting for a living and times have been tough for us but the only way out is through this mess. I was told by an industry consultant that t doesn't matter what the economy is you can still make money. I thought he was nuts but you know what he is right about one thing. If I want to keep my doors open it really doesn't matter about the economy. You can't let Washington dictate your successes or failures.

The economy is going to be the way it is. We can only get to work on time with a positive attitude and stay motivated. Keep your nose to the grindstone and do what you can to promote your business. Deliver the best service. Deliver the utmost in customer satisfaction. Take care of any problems immediately, don't let them fester.

I'm not saying to forget about Washington, just don't let them define your success or failure.

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