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Carpet Cleaning & Scotchgard Protection go hand in hand

Did you renew your scotchgard protection when you last cleaned your carpeting? Did you know that almost all mid grade carpeting and above come from the factory with protector already applied? Over time the factory coated protector wears off for a variety of reasons. Time, foot traffic, and rinsing of the carpeting. Improper cleaning or cleaning using solutions with a high pH can really strip the protector out at excelerated rate. Thus leaving your without the protective barrier between the carpet and dirt, spills, stains.

Carpets can ugly out before they wear out if not properly protected. The difference between a stain and a spot is the stain is permanent and a spot can be removed. Think of spills and spots like a car accident. Nobody intended it to happen but it did. So thank god nobody was hurt and we have insurance. Spots and spills can happen at any time. We always take off our shoes, except that one time - we were in a hurry and didn’t see the oil in the driveway. We never eat in there but when Aunt Martha came over she had spaghetti in the family room. Aunt Martha doesn’t hate you but she still spilled right in the middle of the family room where everyone can see it! Scotchgard doesn’t make your carpet bullet proof but it can be the difference between a spot and a stain.

Regular cleaning and renewal of scotchgard protection are the keys to keeping your carpeting looking it’s best and extending the service life of your carpeting.

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