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Bait ad switch carpet cleaning

Be careful of those coupons that advertise a low price and promise a lot for carpet cleaning. Many new exposes have been done on those types of coupons, link here. When a company promises an unbelievably low price, unfortunately if you can’t figure out how it could be done for that price, it probably can’t. Most likely the service for the cheap price doesn’t include what you need and what you need is extra, a lot extra. Typically these people that come out to do the cleaning are private contractors with a variety of training. From the highly skilled to almost nothing. Equipment varies as well as quality.

Try and hire established companies that have training procedures and a record for quality. Companies that can come out and look over the job and give you a price with everything you need to have a quality carpet cleaning job.

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Wood Floor Cleaning Don't Do It Yourself!

Don’t clean your wood floors yourself you can do more harm then good. Doing it your self can lead to damaging of your wood floors. People have told me that they used steamers on wood floors. They forced live steam into their floor. The thought it was a good idea to clean this way because they were just using water - no chemicals. Steamers can damage floors. When working with wood and you want to make the wood more pliable, you use steam to weaken the wood so you can bend it. Weakening the wood is not a good idea. Potentially stripping some eurothane coating is not a good thing.

We use a multi step process to first safely deep clean your floor, with a machine designed to do this safely. After the cleaning process we can re-coat the floor with a clear eurothane water based coating in either satin or gloss. This coating is the same type of coating that was originally applied to your floor. This coating helps preserve and protect your floor. The best part is it dries in 2 hours and the furniture can be put back.

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