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Indoor air quality - in the winter

Don’t let old man winter keep you down. I know its cold out and you don’t feel like doing anything but don’t neglect your winter maintenance. If you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned over the last 3 years then its time to give us a call. Indoor air quality has been coming to all our attention lately. Indoor air quality is very important. Air duct cleaning is a very important thing when it comes to indoor air quality.

Dunne Cleaning does a complete job, top to bottom. We feed the ductwork with our power whips so our vacuum system can take the dirt out of the system into our collection bag.
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Carpeting cleaned for Health

Being trapped inside for the winter isn’t fun but being trapped in a dirty environment is unhealthy. We are full swing into flu season now. This years flu season has been particularly rough. Keeping your home clean should be a priority. How do your carpets look? If they haven’t been cleaned in a year or more now is the time. Carpeting should be cleaned every year to help keep a healthy environment.

Dunne Cleaning will give you the cleanest and healthiest carpeting. We believe in superior customer service and do our best to deliver the results you deserve.
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Save Now on Oriental Rug Cleaning

The holidays have finally past. The rug cleaning sale at Dunne Cleaning has started. Call today and save 40%!!!! The holidays have beat up your home so now is the time to clean and save some money. A thorough cleaning with a company that has experience that you need with oriental rugs. You can’t take an oriental rug to an amateur. This is how you get your rug ruined. Dunne Cleaning has half a century dealing with oriental rugs. Your expensive floor coverings will be safe with us.

Call us today and take advantage of our large discounts this time of year. Rugs should be maintained annually. Dirt can pile up inside an oriental rug. This soil can act like knives on the rug fibers and cut and damage the fibers, especially in the traffic patterns. This can damage a rug and lead to premature replacement.

Let us help you avoid premature replacement. Drop your rugs off today and get the thorough cleaning your rugs deserve.

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Clean for Health & Cleanliness
Oriental rugs aren’t our most prized possessions

Vacuum your clothes and where them? You do it with your furniture all the time. Seem Healthy?

Too many people never clean their furniture. This is something I can never figure out. While I know the furniture doesn’t show the dirt as readily as carpeting or rugs but we have more contact with the furniture. We nap on the furniture. We lay on the furniture for hours, days, and yes years. We sweat on the furniture. Spill on the furniture.

Then we vacuum the furniture. Would you just vacuum your clothes? How comfortable would you feel with vacuuming your clothes and wearing them again? I sure wouldn’t how about you? You are probably doing it now. Call today for a free estimate. You should be cleaning your furniture on an annual basis. Sounds a lot healthier than never doesn’t it?

Dunne Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for almost half a century, since 1969. Let us assist you in having not just a beautiful home but the healthiest home we can give you.
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