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Should I get my carpet cleaned?

Right now we are having our best sale of the year. So if you want the cleanest and healthiest carpets possible, then yes now is a great time to have your carpeting cleaned. We are running 20% off thru February 28th, 2012. We believe in only doing the highest quality of work possible.

The best way, in my opinion, to clean a carpeting is with a multi - step method. We inspect your carpeting, pre - condition your carpeting with a rotary shampoo machine, steam rinse the carpeting with our ultra - Dry trckmount, work on all your spots, groom the carpeting, do a post inspection.

These are the steps we have developed over the last 43 years. These are the steps that make us better than our competition and have kept our doors open even in hard times.

Call us for your annual cleaning, don’t wait till your carpeting is too dirty.

We also clean furniture, rugs and air ducts. So when your ready to get your carpeting cleaned give us a call. Carpet cleaning page link.

When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?


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