When was the last time you had your tile professionally cleaned?

When was the last time you had your tile professionally cleaned? Tile should be cleaned by a professional annually. A mop and a scrub brush just don't get a proper job done. Our high pressure system combined with heat do a superior job. We prescribe your tile with a solution designed to clean even the dirtiest of tile and grout. Then we rinse the tile with our high pressure system combined with heated water. We make no mess and leave you with clean tile and grout!

Call today for a free in home estimate. We have been around since 1969, thats 48 years. We are family owned and operated. We only believe in doing the best work. Call today!

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How has man's best friend treated your area rugs?

Man's best friend can be hard to love at times. While our pets can be great companions, they can have some accidents along the way. These accidents can happen on our expensive floor coverings like our area rugs. When this occurs it's important to blot up the area immediately. How to blot? I would get a roll of paper towels and a garbage can. Fold the towels and place them on the effected area. Stand on the towels and allow the moisture to go into the towel. When towels have absorbed the liquid - throw the towels into the garbage can. Keep repeating until the towels are dry. Then I would use a solution of a tablespoon of dish soap into a glass of water. apply the solution to the affected area. let sit for a little bit and then repeat the blotting.

If this does not help then the area rug will have to be taken in to a professional who does a soaking process. This process gives a thorough rinsing and cleaning. It is a more expensive process so the worth of the rug is important. This process while not guaranteed has been proven to be quite effective.

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How far along are you on your Spring projects? Did you get your carpet cleaned yet?

How far along are you on your Spring projects? Did you get your carpet cleaned yet? Carpets should be cleaned annually. A good rinsing is healthy and it also protects your carpet investment. Dirty carpets can ugly out before they wear out. Getting your carpeting cleaned is also healthy. Dunne Cleaning cleans and rises the carpeting. Most of our competitors don't do this. Rinsing is the secret to our long lasting results. We are family owned and operated since 1969. Call today.

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Clean air means healthy air

Time to start that next spring cleaning project. When did you last clean your air ducts? Air duct cleaning is a great way to make your home a healthy home. The duct system circulates the air throughout our homes. The system either heats or cools our home and carries the heated or cooled air throughout our home. It also carries the clean air from a clean system or the dirty air from a dirty system. We breath whichever air we have chosen to have in our homes. I prefer the clean air myself. A clean air duct system is also a more efficient system. Efficient systems cost less to operate. Efficient systems also break down less often and last longer. Duct cleaning is cleaner air and helps our furnaces last longer.

Call today for a free in home inspection. Dunne Cleaning has been helping home owners clean up for almost 50 years.

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Spring cleaning is carpet cleaning season call today

Spring time means spring cleaning, which means time to get your carpeting cleaned. We are starting to leave our windows open during the day to let that fresh air in. We look down at our carpeting and furniture and see that winter has taken a toll on our furnishings. Time to get that carpeting cleaned again. Get it smelling fresh. Carpeting should be cleaned annually. Now is a great time to get your carpeting cleaned we are having a spring cleaning sale right now - Call today!

We clean and risen the carpeting. We have been in the cleaning business for almost 50 years now and we didn't get here by doing and ok job. We believe in delivering superior results to all our customers.