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What's the best way to grow your business?

The best way to grow your air duct cleaning business is to dedicate your self to your customers. Every interaction you have with a customer is key. You are either making a good impression, no impression or a bad impression. These thing are happening whether you like it or not. Everything you do, in regards to your customer, is being evaluated. How do you greet the customer? Do you introduce yourself or do you just walk in?

Provide the best customer service and you can never go wrong. Communication is always the key. Communicate throughout the job. When first arriving tell your customer what you are going to do. Walk the job with the customer while explaining all that is involved in the cleaning job. People do not like surprises. Show the customer how the work is coming at key points in the job. I like to show customers a particularly dirty vent. This raised the job in the customers eyes. If you are in to hurry to get out then you miss key opportunities.

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Remember with carpet cleaning its all in the rinse

Do all cleaners rinse the carpeting? I wish the answer was yes but no all cleaners do not rinse the carpeting. Cleaning the carpeting without rinsing the carpeting is never a good idea. Without a good rinse the carpeting can have a lot of soap left in the carpeting. Soap can be sticky and attract dirt. A carpeting that looks clean can become dirty after the cleaning process because the carpeting was never rinsed and residue was left in the carpeting that attracted dirt.

A good rinsing of the carpet is the best way to reduce residue which can cause a carpet to re-soil. The cheaper cleaners skip steps. The better cleaners go through all the steps that are necessary to clean a carpet properly. So don't always assume price is the deciding factor. You need to get a quality job or you will be left out in the cold when it comes to a carpet that is not only clean after the cleaning has just been completed but for some time after that.

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When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts?

Air Duct cleaning should be done on a regular basis. What is a regular basis for air duct cleaning? The national air duct cleaners association refines a regular bias to every 3 to 5 years. Why the gap and when should I clean my air ducts? If you haven't cleaned them in a while then get them cleaned. If you can't remember you are probably due for a cleaning.

If you have allergies or health issues you need to use the 3 year mark. If you have recently had construction then you should clean immediately after the construction has been completed. If your filter is a cheap filter, fiberglass filter, first replace with a good filter. A good filter is a pleated filter that is either disposable or washable. I like a 90% filter. A bad filter can mean cleaning your air ducts more often. With a good filter, no health issues in the home and lack of recent remodeling you can go the 5 years but no more.

Proper maintenance goes a long way toward keeping your home up and avoiding problems in the future.

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Spot and spill removal, is your cleaner up to the test?

Spot and spill removal can be very trying. I didn't say spot and stain, I said spot and spill. Remember the difference between a spot and a stain is that a stain is permanent and cannot be removed. The best way to work on spots and spills during the cleaning process is to wait. Why not scrub the spots before the cleaning process starts? The best way to insure spots come back is to work on the spots, loosen them up with spotter and let them sit or a good while. Understand that spotter loosens up spots, and after it loosens up the spots what happens to the spots? The spots then trickle down the fiber into the backing of the carpeting.

The longer the spotter and the spots sit without being rinsed the deeper the spotter and the spot go into the carpeting. Then when the carpeting is rinsed the spotter and the spot are into the backing and as the carpeting dries the spots reappear.

The best way to work on spots is to work on the spots during the cleaning process and rinse the spots immediately. Rinsing out the spotter and spot means you won't have spots returning. Deep spots and heavy spills can be impacted into the backing and pad below and can return but most spots will not if properly rinsed.

A little spotting knowledge goes a long way. Call a professional for those persistent spots.

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When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?